Renew Webroot Subscription

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How to Renew or Upgrade Webroot Subscription?

Opting to continue protecting your system from the wide-range of virus, malware, hacking, and phishing threats with the Webroot Safe SecureAnywhere Antivirus application is very much recommended.

If you are planning to renew Webroot subscription, there are two methods by which you can purchase the renewal keycode. The procedure to purchase the renewal code by both these methods is similar for systems with Windows OS and with Mac OS.
Method 1: Purchasing the subscription renewal or upgrade key from the Webroot safe application Interface.

Method 2: Purchasing the new license key for renewal or upgrade by accessing the official Webroot secureanywhere website.

Let's see them both with an in detail step-by-step process.

METHOD 1: From the Application Interface

  • Locate and open the Webroot Safe anti-virus application that has already been installed on your computer.

  • After opening the application, locate the 'My Account' tab which can be found at the right end of the interface.

  • Click on the gear icon that is visible beside the 'My Account' option.

  • A page titled 'My Subscription' will be opened with your current subscription details along with the option 'Upgrade/Renew'. Click on this option.

  • You will be directed to the official renewal Webroot subscription website link with the different subscription options out of which you can choose one.

  • Add the option you would like to renew or upgrade to the cart and submit the details along with the payment information requested in the next page. Click on Buy Now.

  • You have now purchased the renewal license code to your Webroot Safe Account. The renewal keycode will be sent to your registered Email ID.

METHOD 2: From the Official Website Link

  • Visit the official Renewal Webroot Subscription link in the official website of Webroot Safe SecureAnywhere anti-virus.

  • Webroot Login with your registered email ID or with your previous keycode to access the renewal options page.

  • Choose the subscription you wish to renew or upgrade to and add to cart.

  • Submit the payment information and personal details in the next page and click on Buy Now.

  • You have now purchased the renewal license code to your Webroot Safe Account. The renewal keycode will be sent to your registered Email ID.

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Renewing or Upgrading Webroot Safe Antivirus Installed on you Computer

After purchasing the Webroot renewal keycode by either of the two methods explained above, renewing or upgrading your Webroot Safe account subscription is very easy and the procedure is similar for systems with both Windows and Mac OS.

  • Locate and launch the Webroot Safe application which is installed on your computer.

  • Access the "My Account" Tab in the application.

  • On the right-hand side of My Account tab, you will find the option to enter the new keycode for activating or renewing your subscription

  • Enter the 20-digit Activation Code in the field provided and click on Activate. You are now all set to resume accessing the different features offered by this application.

Still you are unable to renew or upgrade your webroot subscriptions connect with official Webroot official team to purchase keycode or renew webroot safe subscription