Guide to Renew/Upgrade Webroot Security Subscription Plan

Renew Webroot Sebceription

How to Renew/Upgrade Webroot Security Subscription Plan?

The user installs an antivirus to enhance their security and sometimes the user buys the plan with lesser security like the user will not get the feature of VPN or any other features which lowers the security but as the user uses the antivirus more and more, they would like to upgrade or renew Webroot subscription plan because when the user upgrade their plan, they opt for a better security which will protect them for all type of viruses and it will secure their device and their data. Now for the user to make sure their security remains intact they need to opt for a better plan, the antivirus companies offer some plans which are very basic so that if the user like the antivirus they can upgrade their plan.

Webroot antivirus also provide some basic plans to the user so whenever the user feels like they are comfortable with using Webroot antivirus they can upgrade/renew their plan and keep on using the Webroot antivirus. So, if the user wants to upgrade Webroot security and the user does not know how they can renew their security then the user can follow the steps. When the user follows the steps below then it will become much easier for the user to upgrade or renew their plan and enhance their security.

Steps of Renew/Upgrade Webroot Antivirus Security Subscription Plan

  • In the beginning of upgrading the plan the user needs to go on the official website of Webroot antivirus and to open Webroot antivirus website the user needs to type the URL on the installed web browser. The user can user any of the web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. but, if possible, the user needs to prefer Google Chrome as Webroot antivirus website works better on Google Chrome web browser.
  • Once the user opens up the website then on top of the website the user will see a button of Renew/upgrade and then the user needs to click on that button.
  • As the user clicks on the button the user will be taken to a new page and on this page the user needs to provide their Keycode.
  • For the user to get the keycode they need to login into their account or the user can use their email where they received the keycode. If the user is looking for keycode on their email, then it will be 20-digit long and the user needs to copy that code and paste it on the Enter your keycode field.
  • (If the users facing sign-in issue read the about fix Webroot login problem)
  • After entering the keycode the user needs to click on the continue button and after that the website will let the user know whether they are eligible for upgrade or the user requires to renew their plan.
  • If the user plan has extended then they are requiring to renew their plan but if the user's plan is still eligible then the user can select the plan.
  • When the user is eligible for upgrade then the user needs to select the plan to which they want to do the upgrade.

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