Support for Lexmark Printer Offline Issues

Lexmark is international American company and head quartered in Lexington, Kentucky USA. Lexmark mostly manufactures and famous with laser printers and imaging products in the world. It is founded on 27 March 1991. Sometime after Lexmark Pinter setup user face the printer offline issues. This issue may be face by many reasons so you can fix Lexmark printer offline issue easily by self. Bellow some instructions to fix issues.

Fix Lexmark printer offline issue on Windows 10 and Mac

When you work in office and home but some time need to print of your work and message showing is Lexmark printer offline. This error message is not difficult its simple to back online from offline but some time is difficult when you do not know about printer troubleshooting you need printer technical support to fix your Lexmark printer offline issue and a some option are available to back online if you know about printer trouble shooting than ready to print from your Lexmark printer.

Step 1 -
Make sure Lexmark printer is powered on. If power is not on than plug on switch and press the button step by step to printer online
Step 2 -
Some time computer and printer cable is not connected properly. Loose connectivity can be making Lexmark printer offline so make sure and connect the cable tightly.
Step 3 -
If you not found above issue unplug your printer cable from pc/laptop and need to wait 1 minute then press the button to printer back on and plug the printer cable with device again and your install windows will detect automatically and then your Lexmark printer will back online from offline.
Step 4 -
If still Lexmark printer is showing offline need to click on the start button and find Devices and Printers options in your PC then double click or right click on Lexmark printer offline
Step 5 -
Right click on printer offline link to open a different window and click printer then Use Lexmark printer offline to deselect option if this option is enabled
Step 6 -
Clink on start button for open the search bar and type service.msc then press enter to open the service window

Fix Lexmark Printer Offline with Reset

Another easy way need to reset the Lexmark printer offline to back online. Press the printer on/off button to use off and again on. Remove the printer cable from power switch after some time plug the printer cable and press the printer on button to back online and make sure printer cable is plug properly. In this process we can fix many issues of the printer by default.

Connection Issues to fix Lexmark Printer offline

If your Lexmark printer is showing offline it may be connection issue with printer and computer or network. Make sure printer cable is connected with pc or network properly. To fix offline printer issue plugging the cable in different USB port on your device and change the cable if it is not working correctly. If you want to fix wireless Lexmark printer offline please reset the wireless connectivity on Lexmark printer. It is depended on your printer and follows the printer instruction user manual.

Still if you are not able to fix your Lexmark printer offline issue call to us now. Our printer experts support team is ready to help 24x7