Fix Lexmark Printer Offline Problem

Some simple and effective troubleshooting tips to fix this issue

Lexmark printer offline issue

Fix Lexmark Printer Offline Error Issue

Lexmark printer is known for its multi-functional, user-friendly features that would cater to the printing requirements of the users belonging to different professions as well as students. Having mentioned that, certain issues while using the printer are not unusual, but they are mostly easily solvable. One of the common problems faced by the users of Lexmark Printer is its offline issue. Let us have a look into the most probable causes of this error and how we can solve this problem with a few simple, but effective troubleshooting tips.
If the user is using the Lexmark printer, then they still can face the printer offline error because it is one of the most common printer errors and lots of Lexmark printer user faces the similar issue on daily basis. Although the degree of facing the error can be different like someone might be facing the printer offline issue because they forgot to turn on their Lexmark printer and someone else is facing the printer offline issue because one of the parts of their printer is not working thus the user has to replace that part in order to make their printer work for printing. Printer is such a device which require lots of care from the user and when the user fails to take care of their printer the printer can run into lots of issues. Printer being shown as offline is one of the errors, the printer is one of the fragile machines and when the user is not able to take care of it the error starts to come in the user’s printer. Printer is used in many places like school and offices where the user has to do lots of printing and when the error appears in the printer the work starts to get suffer for the user. Now if the user’s Lexmark printer is facing the Offline error and the user wants to know what are the reasons which are causing the problem for the user then in that case the user can follow this blog where we are mentioning why the printer status is being shown as offline on their PC and on android mobile phone.

Causes for Lexmark Printer Offline Issue

  • Faulty USB cord or connection is one of the common reasons why your lexmark might be showing offline errors.
  • Obsolete or old versions of the printer drivers that are installed on your PC could lead to the printer showing offline problems.
  • Problems in the hardware connections or improper alignments could also cause the printer to not work properly.
  • In some cases, the settings related to printer connectivity status might need changing to disable the offline errors shown by the device.
  • If you are using a wireless connection from your device to printer, then some network issues might prevent your lexmark printer from working.

Now, let us see how you can solve the Lexmark printer offline issue to bring it back online and working.

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Offline Problem

Check the Power Cord

It is a simple mistake many of us are guilty of committing. We might have our device powered on but not the printer. Ensure that your lexmark printer's power cord is plugged in and it is receiving proper power supply.

Check the USB Cord

Make sure that the USB cord you are using to connect your printer with the device is a working one. Also, ensure that it is properly connected at both the ends. If it still does not work, you might need to change the USB cord.

Update your Printer Drivers

If your printer driver is obsolete or corrupted, you might need to update it to the latest version. You can automatically or manually update the versions of printer drivers installed on your device. Manual update requires you to download the latest version of printer driver from the Lexmark official website. Automatically updating the printer driver in Device Settings is recommended if you are short on time.

Check the Hardware Component

In some cases, hardware component issues such as cartridge jamming or paper jamming can cause your printer to not function properly. Check if the cartridges as well as the papers are aligned properly in their respective slots before using the printer.

Check the Printer Status

Make sure that your printer is not in Offline Mode by changing the status in the settings. To do that, you have to navigate to settings on your PC/laptop, select the Printers & Scanners option in Devices section, and select the Printer in use. Under the selected Printer, make sure that the option "Use Printer Offline" is not checked or selected.

Check the Netword Connection

If you are using the wireless connection feature on your Lexmark printer, you have to check whether both your device which is transmitting the printer instructions as well as your printer is connected to an active network or Wi-fi that has good connectivity or speed. Make sure that the internet connection is on and then try using the printer.

Reset the Printer Data

In certain cases, resetting the printer data on your device would do the trick. For this, you need to remove the Lexmark printer device that is displayed in the list of Printers & Scanners shown on your system. Then proceed to Add Printer or Scanner option while the printer is connected.


After follow and read all above troubelshooting tips if you are not unable to fix this problem. You should connect with official Lexmard team to solve your Lexmark priter offline Issue

Lexmark Printer Offline Error in Android

1. Lexmark Printer not connected to WIFI

for the Lexmark printer to complete the user’s command given by the mobile phone they need to be on the similar network. When the user is installing their Lexmark, they have to select a network on which both their device i.e. PC and printer needs to be connected if the user’s mobile or Lexmark printer are on different network it will show the offline status.

2. Lexmark Printer Application-

For the user to print via their mobile they need to install Lexmark printer application in case the user’s device does not have Lexmark printer application then their mobile phone will show the error of printer offline.