McAfee Antivirus Renewal

Renew McAfee

How to Renew the McAfee Antivirus Subscription?

If you already have a McAfee product, or you are thinking of buying a McAfee product, you should read here the details of a McAfee subscription or renewals for knowing more about the process. McAfee provides auto-renewal facilities, apart from the manual renewal process. Have you already purchased a McAfee product?

  • You can choose to auto-renew its subscription.
  • Or, you have bought a McAfee product but do not want McAfee to charge your credit card for renewal? You can do so by disabling the auto-renewal facility.
  • Oh, you have an old product with a long-gone- expiry date and want to renew that? We'll tell you how.
  • Do you want to know if your renewal has been successful?

McAfee Subscription: Auto-Renewal

McAfee subscribers have two methods of auto-renewal:

  • They have already bought and installed the product,
  • They are going through the process of installing the McAfee product.

If you already own a McAfee product, have installed it, and renewed the subscription, there is no need to reinstall the product. All you have to do is, go to your account and choose the auto-renewal method in your subscription setting.

If you have just bought the McAfee product, you'll need to download it and install it afresh. During this process, you can select the auto-renewal option.

All subscribers of the McAfee products get updates as well as upgrades as long as their subscription is active. The auto-renewal facility is automatically activated on the purchase of any McAfee product. For auto-renewal, a month before the expiry of your product, your registered credit card is billed for the subscription amount. McAfee gives you the choice of going for an update or an upgrade.

Disabling the McAfee Auto-Renewal

If you don’t want McAfee to charge your credit card for auto-renewal, you can disable this option. Although McAfee suggests its subscribers should opt for auto-renewal and avoid leaving their devices without any protection, some subscribers prefer to decide their own hands. If you also want to be like them, here is how you can disable the auto-renewal option.

  • Sign in to your McAfee account from the home page
  • After that, when you hover the mouse over the 'My Account' button, you will see many options, including the 'Auto-Renewal Settings'
  • Doing so will reveal the Uninterrupted protection screen.
  • This screen will show that auto-renewal is enabled for your product. Check the 'status' next to your product.
  • If you have many McAfee products, check the status box next to all of them and change the setting from 'on' to 'off'.
  • You'll be asked to confirm your choice. Click on the 'yes' button.
  • That's it. Your auto-renewal of McAfee product/products is turned off!

Choosing to Turn On the McAfee Auto-Renewal Option

Like the voter before an election, you have changed your mind, and want to turn on the auto-renewal option for your McAfee product. Now, you don’t want to receive emails or calls from McAfee consumer care before your product expires and you want the auto-renewal switched on.

  • Login back into your account from the official McAfee login page
  • You see various options. Take the mouse over 'My Account' and you'll see the auto-renewal setting.
  • Again check the Uninterrupted protection screen which will now show the settings of auto-renewal as 'off'.
  • Change the setting to 'on' and take a sigh of relief (optional). Now you won’t be bothered by McAfee emails or calls reminding you to update your subscription.

Renewing an Expired McAfee Product or Subscription:

So, you let your McAfee product expire because you didn't feel like using it, and now you are repenting and want to renew it? No worries, McAfee is always ready to help such 'came back kids'. If you have bought a renewal license of a McAfee product after its expiry date has passed, you cannot immediately renew McAfee subscription to that product. If you try to do it, you will be annoyed by the endless pop-up on your computer screen, declaring that the McAfee product you are trying to revive has expired. Even if you renew McAfee antivirus subscription license, this message will stick like duct tape and keep appearing on your computer screen.
- The only way to stop this message from appearing AND renewing your license is, uninstall the software, then with the help of your new license, reinstall it.
- There is another way to tackle this problem. Just contact McAfee Customer Service.

Has Your McAfee Renewal Been Successful?

Okay, you have gone through all processes and have renewed your McAfee product renewal. Now, it will be good to know if your renewal has been successful. You can confirm this from:

  • Your email box,
  • Your 'My Account' page on McAfee's home page.
  • From the McAfee icon on your computer
From Your Email Box: After you have renewed your McAfee subscription, you will receive a notification email from McAfee. This email would have various details such as the subscriber's name, order number, and date of renewal, name of the McAfee product, and the total price (price + taxes) of that renewal.

From My Account Page: Another way to confirm that your McAfee product renewal has been successful, you can visit your 'My Account' page on the home page of the McAfee site (

After logging into your account, if you confirm the renewal from the >'Subscriptions' or 'My Profile' sections. You can reach these sections by hovering your mouse over the 'My Account' button. In the 'Subscription' section, your purchase of the renewal package is displayed. In the 'My Profile' section, you can see a future date of expiration of that product, which will confirm that your subscription has been successfully renewed.

From the McAfee icon on your computer: This is the easiest way of knowing if your subscription is ‘alive’ or has expired. If your McAfee subscription has gone past its expiry date, its icon on your computer screen will turn ash-grey. It will also display a red exclamation mark on the icon. McAfee doesn’t want to leave you in doubt so it gives you double signs of a ‘dead’ subscription. Like flashing lights and blaring sirens of a police car! Better renew McAfee subscription as asap!