Fix Hotmail not working issue

hotmail not working

Why is My Hotmail not working? How to fix it?

At times you may encounter trouble accessing your email account or there are chances that you are unable to open your inbox or Hotmail/Outlook is not working properly. This is a common issue and might have occurred due to several reasons. First of all, it is important to know that Hotmail is the former name of which is now the current name of the email service provided by Microsoft. The website to create your Outlook account and for login is now
Let us understand the technical and non-technical reasons that lead to not working HotMail and how to solve these issues accordingly:

Hotmail not working on Windows and Mac

Check Internet Connectivity if Hotmail or Outlook not working

Ensure that your internet connection is working and is offering the desired speed to run your Outlook or Hotmail account. If the internet is disconnected due to faulty USB, slow internet speed or not connected to the right WiFi connection, then you will be unable to access your Hotmail or Outlook Account. Therefore, check your internet connection to resolve the issue of Outlook not working.


There are several browsers available to use, however, it is necessary to note that there are certain browsers are working or no that may not support Thus, make sure you are accessing your through any of the following internet browsers with the advanced or latest versions:

  • Chrome 24
  • Mozilla Firefox 17
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari 6
Outdated Operating System

There is a possibility that your Windows or Mac operating system are outdated and are not working and supporting the access of Hotmail or Outlook account Therefore, it is necessary that you install the latest version of the operating system whether you are using Windows or Mac on your computer device.

Hotmail login or password issue:

If you are typing wrong email id and password to your Outlook or Hotmail account, then surely you will not be able to access your account. Fix Hotmail login problem it is important that you enter the correct registered email id as well as the password you have created to access your Outlook account.
If you have forgotten your registered email id,

  • You can retrieve it by clicking on the link Sign In> Sign in options > Forgot my username. Then follow the onscreen instruction
Clear Internet cache to fix Hotmail not working issue

Sometimes the internet cache could be a reason for Outlook not working that does not allow to work even if you are using the right web-browser. Hence, check out and clear all the cookies, caches as well as the history from the web-browser that you are browsing for using You can do this by clicking on the "History" > Clear Browsing data.

Space full

Remember, like any other email id there is a limit of sending the emails if your space has been occupied or fully utilized. It means that neither you will be able to receive the emails nor you will be able to send the emails. In such a case, you need to delete the unnecessary and old emails especially those kept in trash and spam. Also, the emails that you have not been using for a long time can be deleted if not required.

Temporarily suspended account

Your account may have been suspended temporarily if you have been sending accessing span messages continuously. Therefore, your account will not be operational for at least 24 hours, this also one reason so your Outlook or hotmail not working. You can simply wait and after 24 hours you will be able to access without doing any changes in the settings.

Check the date and time settings on your device

Sometimes we do not bother to check the current date and time setting on our computer or laptop. And due to the incorrect date and time settings, Outlook fails to respond. Therefore, click on the date and time icon shown on the bottom right-hand side of your screen and update it to access your Outlook account.

Security Settings for Internet Explorer browser

Click on Start> Run and type the code "regvr32 softpub.dll" and click on the OK button. Now you have to restart your web-browser namely, internet explorer. Thereafter, log in to your Outlook account once again to check if you can access

Scanning with antivirus

We all know the threats and consequences of not using antivirus. Even your may stop working due to outdated antivirus or if your subscription for the antivirus has expired. To access buy the subscription and scan your computer device.

Hotmail not working on Android or iPhone

Internet connectivity:

Whether you are using mobile data or WiFi, check that the internet is working properly on your Android or iPhone mobile phone as well as there is the necessary high speed of the internet to access your

IMAP/ POP settings

Check out your IMAP or POP settings on your Android or iPhone mobile phone. If they are right and functional then you will have no problem in accessing
Also check above instsruction to fix Hotmail and Outlook is not working on Android and iPhone


After check all above process still also you are facing with your Hotmail or Outlook not working so best way is to solve your problem to connect with Outlook official customer support team