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Fix Webroot Safe Login Problem -

Webroot safe secure anywhere is renowned among its users for being one of the most user-friendly, affordable, and highly effective anti-virus software. It is popular for its wide range of device and data protection features which make it first-choice application for users to safeguard their mobile or PC from a variety of malware, cyber, and phishing threats.

If you are a Webroot user and facing problem with logging in, you are not alone. Login glitches can occur due to a variety of reasons including credential errors, subscription issues, and permission issues among others. Whatever the login problem might be, there are some simple troubleshooting methods to solve the Webroot login problem and access your Webroot secure anywhere account. Let's have a look

Steps to the Fixes Webroot Anywhere Login Problem

Fix1 - Check the Credentials

Are you sure you're using the right email ID and password with which you have subscribed to Webroot plan? Wrong credentials will disable you from logging in to your secure anywhere account and you must double-check before signing in to Webroot.

Fix2 - Renew the Subscription

Have you checked if the account subscription which you'd purchased is still active or expired? Users will not be able to login if the subscription is not active anymore. In such scenario, purchase a new subscription plan or renew your account with the same credentials you had used before at the official Webroot website.
Upon receiving the keycode to your registered Email ID, visit the renew/upgrade link in the official Webroot website to activate your subscription. You will then be able to login to your Webroot secure account without any problem.

Fix3 - Check the Permissions

Logging in to Webroot secure account on secondary devices may fail if they do not have admin permission. To resolve this glitch, simply follow the below steps.

  • Visit the official website using your primary device and login with your registered credentials.
  • Locate the drop-down menu located adjacent to your email address in your account page.
  • Select the 'Manage Users' option in the menu and click on Edit User Details/Permissions which is displayed beside every user listed.
  • Click on the Access and Permissions option and see if both backups and password options are enabled/checked.
  • Verify whether "PC Security Console" and the "Secure Anywhere Console" have enabled admin permissions.
  • Now, select the devices on which you plan to access Webroot account and save all the changes.
  • Try logging into your Webroot secure anywhere account on your secondary device and it should work!

Fix4 - Entering the Wrong Passcode

After purchasing the new subscription of Webroot product for work, you get the new passcode for accessing into your secure account. When you are trying login into your Webroot safe account you require the new password to enter to verify the account

Reset Login Forgotten Password

An incorrect password is one of the most common reasons when you are facing login problem. If that's the case, just follow the below steps.

  • Visit and click on My Account. You will be directed to the webroot login page.
  • Click on Forgot Password option below the E-mail ID page
  • In the next page that is displayed, click on the ‘I Forgot My Password’ option and then enter the E-Mail ID with which you have registered Webroot.
  • Link with instructions will be sent to your Email ID for resetting the password. Follow the same and create new password for your Webroot secure account.

Remember also now Webroot do not accept the "<" or "> symbal in the password so you cannot login in to your account after use it.

Note -

After Follow the all above steps you can sign in to your Webroot safe secure anywhere account. If still unable to login, then you need visit the official Webroot website to get Webroot assistance to fix your Webroot login issue