Fix Norton Security Account Login Problem

Access into your Norton account to manage your security to protect your devices

Norton login issue

Fix Norton Security Account Login / Sign in Problem

Norton is one of the renowned antivirus applications that is currently being utilized by a great number of PC and mobile users worldwide. The application showcases a number of device protection features and is very user-friendly. However, some users might come across certain login issues with the application and the user runs into the problem with their account that the user is not able to get into their account. In case Norton antivirus user are facing the similar issue then in that case we are mentioning few reasons due to which the user is not able to get into their Norton account and it solutions.

Here are a few fixes that can help you solve the Norton login issue you might be facing.

  • Check the Connectivity to Fix the Norton Login Problem
  • Whether you are trying to login to the installed application or through the web browser to your account on your device, the primary requirement is a good network connectivity. Logging in might fail if you are attempting to login using a network with poor or no connectivity. Hence, before trying to sign in, ensure that syetem is connected to hotspot or router with decent speed.

  • Check the Credentials and Solve the Norton Sign in Issue

    It is essential that the E-mail you are trying to login with is the same one you have registered at the official Norton website and purchased the subscription with. Make sure that you double-check the credentials and login with the right E-mail and ID password to avoid the login issue.

  • Reinstall the Application to Fix Norton my Account Login Issue

    Errors during the installation might cause issues when you are trying to login to the application. In that case, simply uninstalling and reinstalling the application would do the trick. It is recommended to restart the system and then try to login after the application is reinstalled.

  • Update the System and Software to Fix the Sign in Problem

    Using an obsolete system OS or the Norton application you have previously installed can also cause errors during the sign in process. It is recommended that you check and update your system OS to the latest version, Windows or Mac. Similarly, check whether the Norton application you have installed on your device is of the latest version.

  • Clear the Cache (For Login Via Browser) to Fix Login problem

    Users can login and access the Norton Account via web browser as well. In some cases, the excess cache accumulated in the web browser you are using might cause issues while logging in. In such a scenario, clear the history and cache of your running browser by accessing the settings menu and clicking on "Clear Cache" option. Now, restart the web browser, visit the official Norton Website and login with your registered credentials.

  • Norton Website Down Problem (Solution - Try to login after sometime)

    The most common Norton login issue, the user can face, when the website is down the user will not be able to get into their account and they will keep on facing the issue. When the website is down the usually no page of the website works and even if the login page gets open the user won’t be able to login into their Norton account despite providing correct email address and the password of their account. Now for the user to login into their they are advised to try to login into their account after sometime when the website starts working.

Reset the Forgottent Norton Account Password to Fix Login Issue

In case you have forgotten the password

  • Open Norton login page
  • than you can click on the forgot password option
  • Enter the E-mail ID you have registered with, and submit.
  • Now login to your Email and follow the instructions that are sent to reset your password to fix Norton login problem.

After follow above option if you will face the Norton login problem than open the Norton official website and connect with the Norton team to resolve your account issue

Login Process of the Norton my Account

After read and follow the above instructions to fix your Norton account login problem now you can read the login process to use your Norton security features

  • Initially, you have to open the browser
  • Tap on the search bar
  • Type the URL "" in the search bar.
  • Hit the key Enter.
  • The home page of the website is on your screen.
  • You need to locate the Login button. Click on it.
  • Add your login details i.e. Registered mail-id & Password in the required field.
  • If you opt for 2 Factor Authentication then enter the answer to the required field.
  • After that click on the Login icon again.
  • Wait for some time to have the dashboard on your screen.

After login into your Norton account you can use the all Norton security feature of antivirus, renew, download norton setup, billing, and secure your account anywhere