Fix Microsoft Office 365 Login Problems

One might encounter certain issues while logging in to Microsoft Office Word 365. These problems, very likely can be addressed and resolved as well by the user himself. Also for problems such as when the server is down or which may occur due to some unwanted bugs, the user has nothing which to do. However, before dealing with a certain problem, the user must make sure he has an updated version of the software.

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How to Fix Microsoft Office 365 Login Problem?

The use of MS Office 365 makes you initially login into your account. But, how we face problems in login into an account, we can find issues in login into Office 365. But the question is what could be these login issues and how to fix Microsoft Office 365 login issue? Before going into deep, let's comprehend MS office 365. MS office 365 is the advanced version of MS office that includes all the previous software like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The best part of Office 365 is its hosting on the cloud server. With this feature, your saved files will be available online. So the access to your files is easy than the earlier version of MS office.

Causes of the Microsoft Office 365 Login Issue

See the bellow conditions might reason this problem

  • Subscription might be expired
  • The use account may be disable
  • Your account may be locked
  • You are entering the wrong login details
  • Sign in is not working for federated user

Fix the Microsoft Office 365 Login Issues

The issues which can be easily rectified by the user include:

1. Subscription Issue

Check the version of Microsoft Office 365 installed on your device, also the subscription name, expiry date and validate the license. If your subscription has expired, you have to get it renewed. You may need to remove old Microsoft licenses from your device and install a new one.


  • For Home
    • Go to
    • Choose the subscription you want to renew (for a full year or renew with a monthly subscription).
    • Review and checkout. Sign in with the Microsoft account that you use with Microsoft 365 on the next page.
    • Review the order and choose subscription.
    • Choose Manage subscription to go to your Microsoft account, Services and subscriptions page.
  • For Business
    • Go to Microsoft 365 admin center.
    • Go to the Subscriptions page, click Billing and view your subscriptions.
    • Click Reactivate for the expired subscription.

In case, multiple versions of Microsoft Office are installed, issues regarding activation of Office 365 may occur. To avoid that, you need to uninstall old versions of Microsoft Office and try to activate Microsoft Office 365 again.

2. Password, Username or Verifiaction Issue

If it says that the password/username provided is incorrect and if you don’t remember your password/username, you can reset your password or retrieve your username following some easy steps.


(i) Reset Password

Select forgot password or you can directly go to reset password. Do the necessary verification needed. You will get a verification code via email or phone, whichever you find convenient to provide. Paste or type the code you received and type a new password. You can now login to your Microsoft Office account using the new password.

(ii) Retrieve Username

You can retrieve your username if you have previously set up security info on your Microsoft account.

  • Look up your username using security contact phone number or email address.
  • Request a security code to be sent to the phone number or email you used.
  • Enter the code and select next.
  • When you see your account you are looking for, select Sign in.

If the username lookup wasn’t successful, for example you hadn’t set up or longer have access to your security contact information, try looking for your Microsoft account username within other products or services that you know are associated with the account.

3. Account is Locked

While trying to sign in to your account, if you receive a message that it has been locked, it is because activity associated with your account violated the terms of use.


To unlock your account, sign in to get a security code.

  • You can use any phone number to request the security code.
  • The phone number needs not be associated with your account.
  • You may have to create a new password.

4. Trouble for Federated Users

When you try to authenticate to a Microsoft cloud service such as Microsoft Office 365 using a federated account, the authentication is unsuccessful and one or more issues may occur.

  • • Your access gets denied whenever you try to using your federated account.
  • When you try to update the username using a federated user name at the sign in prompt, the browser address bar contains a URL that resembles the following example, instead of a webpage that includes a "sign in at "link: https//
  • Directory synchronization is responsible for making sure that the same Office 365 user account is created for each on-promises user account. These issues are preventing proper user account configuration on-promises from syncing to Azure AD. Sign in may fail when directory synchronization doesn't sync correct account settings from the on-promises Active Directory to Azure AD.


To Resolve This Issue
  • • Make sure correct UPN and password are used to sign in.
  • • The Office 365 user account isn’t licensed for Office 365 resources. To resolve this issue, remove the sub domain from Office 365 portal. After you have removed the domain, you have to re-create the domain and the subdomain will inherit the Domain typesetting of the subdomain.
  • • To resolve directory synchronization issues, the following steps may be followed:
    • Make a minor change to the on-promises Active Directory user account.
    • Force directory synchronization. You can for how to force directory synchronization on Microsoft’s website.
    • Verify the synchronization. If minor changes are not synced to the Microsoft Office 365 user account, a directory synchronization problem may cause this issue.

If you still need help or unable to login to office 365 you may visit Microsoft Community or contact Microsoft team. To fix the problem