Fix Kaspersky Login Issue

Learn to fix sign in issue and manage account to access, validate, download, and activat your security.

Kaspersky login error

How to Fix Kaspersky Login Errors with Solutions?

Accessing My Kaspersky account is pretty straightforward, yet sometimes users face challenges while trying to login. So in this tutorial, we discussed how to fix Kaspersky login error.

Check the Wrong Login Details to fix errors

Solution 1 - Recheck the Login Credentials
  • Refresh the Kaspersky sign-in page.
  • Type the My Kaspersky account email in the first box.
  • Enter My Kaspersky account password in the second.
  • Re-check the details once then click the Sign-In button.
Solution - Reset the My Kaspersky Account Login Password
  • Click the link to open the login page.
  • Click the password recovery link.
  • Type in the email attached with My Kaspersky account.
  • Then proceed as instructed to reset the password
  • When you have the new password enter is to gain access to your Kaspersky account.

Update the Browser to Resolve Sign in Issues

A faulty browser can cause Kaspersky login issue. To ensure that the browser is not behind the troubles apply the following solutions

Solution 1 - Update the Browser
  • Open the browser you normally use.
  • Head to the settings menu and locate the update option.
  • When you click the update button, the browser will search for available updates and install them.
Solution 2 - Try Kaspersky login from a different browser
  • If you have more than one browser applications on your system you can try accessing the Kaspersky account from a different browser.
  • It will rule out or confirm the browser's involvement behind the Kaspersky login problem.

Unsecure Connection

Solution 1 - Flush DNS
  • On your system open the start menu and search for the command prompt option.
  • When you locate the cmd option open it with administrator privilege.
  • Copy and paste the "ipconfig /flushdns" command in the cmd window and press the Enter button.
  • After the command is executed close the window and retry the login page.
Solution 2 - Update the Kaspersky application and virus database
  • Double click the Kaspersky icon and launch the application.
  • Locate the Update option in the menu and click it.
  • Wait for the application to download and install the available updates.
Solution 3 - Restart the router
  • Turn off your router and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Wait for a few minutes, then reconnect it to a power outlet and switch it ON.
  • Wait for the router to enable the network connectivity.

Internal server Error

This error normally indicates that there is something wrong with the website's server. You can apply some fixes though to see if the issue resolves.

Solution 1 - Reload the Kaspersky Web page

  • Press the F5 key to refresh the My Kaspersky account login page.
  • Another way is to press the ctrl and R keys together.
  • One more way is to put the Kaspersky webpage url in the address bar and press Enter.

Solution 2 - Clear information stored by the browser (Caches & Cookies)

  • Open the settings menu of the browser.
  • Locate the browsing history tab and open it.
  • Click the delete browsing data option.
  • Tick mark the cookies & caches option when the system prompts for what to delete


After read all steps and follow them if still you are getting errors in your login account than you should search for the official Kaspersky customer service page they will help you to fix your sign in an issue as soon as possible