Fix Hotmail Account Login Problems

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How to Fix Hotmail Account Login or Sign In Problems?

Having trouble sign in with hotmail account ID, In case you are looking for the answers to how to fix your Hotmail login problem in that case you need to know that now Hotmail is changed to Outlook. It is done for a smoother and better experience. But you do not need to worry about anything because this change will not be going to make any difference in your login.

Some reasons for Hotmail account login problem

If you are having an issue in login in your mail id, then there might be several reasons for that. then you need to follow these steps to fix login problem as given below-

  • you are using an incorrect username or password.
  • your device is not connected correctly via internet connection.
  • If your account is not activated for a long time, it might get blocked.
  • If you forgot your password that could be the reason for the login issue as well.
  • Check the spellings of your password and email address correctly.
  • Check if your caps lock is turned off or not because that is a tiny thing that can cause an issue in login in your Hotmail.

How to Fix Hotmail Login Problem?

If you want to fix the problem of login in a Hotmail account, then you need to check the things we have listed above or below and follow them. These things will help you to solve the login issue that you are getting when you click the sign-in button.

Check out the Outlook service to fix Hotmail login issue:

You can log into Hotmail account through the outlook only. You should check the Microsoft server and make sure that they are good enough in your area.

Check cache, cookies and JavaScript is enabled in your browser

Now, you should check that you are using the correct internet browser in order to sign into Hotmail account. You should also clear the cache and cookies of your browser. The method to clear the cache and cookies is different for all the browsers. The third party add-ons and extensions can also be caused the problems you are facing in order to log into your Hotmail account. Turn off/disable these add-ons and extensions one by one and see if the issue continue. Also check out that JavaScript is enabled in your browser to fix login problem.

Check the auto-fill settings of your internet browser:

In the most case you have updated the auto-fill settings with a wrong email address or password. Because of this, you can't login into your Hotmail account. to fix this issue you should delete all autofill data from your browser
Or open an incognito window on your browser and try to login here by entering the login details manually. If you sign in successfully then its mean you need to update your auto-fill settings.

Hotmail account might be blocked:

Microsoft is quite concerned about the security of its users. Once it detects any suspicious activity in your Hotmail account, it will block it straight away.
You can unblock Hotmail account by showing your identity to the Microsoft. You should contact Microsoft support in case you have difficulties to retrieve your blocked Hotmail account.

Device and location issue:

Microsoft keeps a close watch on the device and location you use in order to log into your Hotmail account. If you suddenly change your device and location then you might trouble log in problems. You can get clear of this Hotmail login problem by using the location and device that you usually use in order to log into Hotmail and fix your issue.

Recover Forgotten Hotmail Account Login Password and Fix Sign In Issue

If you are can't login to Hotmail account. If you get invalid username or password, then its mean someone has changed your password. In case you haven't forgotten your email ID, then you should look that Caps lock is turned off because the Hotmail password is case sensitive. Make sure that you are entering correct email ID. Supposing, you haven't logged into your Hotmail account from last 365 days then the account is deleted and cannot be retrieved back. If you forget your password, then follow these steps to reset or recover Hotmail password as given below-

  • Visit Hotmail Sign In page and click on "Sign In".
  • Provide your Hotmail email id.
  • Click on the "Forgotten my password" link when asked to enter the password and click on "Next".
  • Type the CAPTCHA code and click on "Next".
  • Wait for the recovery code that system will send to your account recovery phone number or email id.
  • Under Authentication, clear the Use Kerberos check box.
  • Now, create a new password.
  • Go along with the new password by using it to Hotmail login
  • Your Hotmail password recovery is now complete.

How to prevent Hotmail login problems in the future?

You may follow the instructions given below in order to keep Hotmail login problem at bay in the future.

  • Make sure you keep the password in such a way that you can remember it easily.
  • You must keep recovery options such as alternate email ID and phone number added to your account.
  • Don't forget to update your alternate email id and recovery phone number in case you change them.
  • Don't give permissions to the untrusted applications and games access to your Hotmail account.
  • Use a trusted password manager if you are not good at remembering passwords.
  • Don't use the same password in any other accounts.
  • Never share your Hotmail account verification code with anyone under any conditions.

There may be various reasons. However, it is more likely that you have lost or forgotten your password. Therefore, please use a recovery email address or phone number for recovering your password. Then, you will be able to set up a new password for your account and access it.

How to login in your Hotmail or Outlook mail ID?

  • First of all, you have to go to Outlook login webpage and select the sign-in page.
  • Once the page is open, you need to enter your email address and password.
  • After that, we need to click on the sign-in button, and it will automatically sign in to your Hotmail/Outlook mails
Note: -

After checking all the things if you are still not able to login to your account, you can contact their support service section that will help you further visit to official outlook website to fix Hotmail login problem