Fix AOL Mail Login Problems

Learn causes errors and how to troubleshoot your email signin problems?

AOL mail login

Fix AOL Mail Account Login / Sign-In Problem

AOL Mail has garnered the reputation of being one of the classic free web based email services in the last two decades. With support in multiple languages, this email application is utilized by numerous users across the globe. Sign-in problems faced by users are one of the common issues for any application and AOL mail is no exception to that. While password issue is one of the usual reasons, there could also be many other factors leading to the AOL login issue.

Reason - Why you can't login in to AOL Mail Account?

Sometimes a user may face some issues while doing login to the account. These issues are as follows with solutions.

  • At the time of login, the user needs to enter his valid credentials. Otherwise, this server won't allow the user to access the account.
  • If AOL detects any suspicious activity on the account, it will be temporarily blocked.
  • Users need to check if the AOL mail server is down at the moment. If it happens then there might be chances to face a sign in problem.
  • Sometimes users can’t complete the login process due to any issue regarding browser, application or local settings. So, there is a need to check all of them for easy access to the login process.
  • Your password is the key to access to your AOL account. If you forget the password, you can reset or create a new one

How to Fix AOL Mail Account Login Issue?

Some simple fixes and troubleshooting methods can help you solve this problem. Let’s see what they are.

Fix 1 – Clear the Browser Cache

Web browsers make use of cache to enable you to quickly access the sites you frequently visit. But overtime, excess cache can make your login page unresponsive or create errors. Try clearing the cache of the web browser you’re using and then try to login again.

Fix 2 – Reset the Browser Setting

In some cases, clearing the browser cache wouldn't be enough to solve the problem. Web browser's performance will depend on several factors that include the add-ons, extensions, and changes in the settings you've made to it along with the cache. This performance would in turn affect the log-in process. In such cases, restoring your browser's original settings can solve the problem.Resetting the browser will delete the extensions, bookmarks, and additional saved information. It is recommended to take a backup of this data before resetting the browser.

Fix 3 – Check Your Credentials

An invalid password is one of the common problems that users would come across during AOL login. Use the recovery options you have previously set to reset your forgotten password and log in with your new password.

Fix 4 – Check Browser Compatibility

Browsers that are obsolete, outdated, or those which are not compatible with AOL application can cause errors during the login. First, try to update the browser you are currently using and try to login. If you are still unable to sign in to AOL after updating the browser, try using a different browser that is installed on your computer. If you don't have any other browsers installed, download the latest version of any other compatible browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Fix 5 – Enable Javascript

AOL Mail would require the latest version of JavaScript to seamlessly load text and images in the application. It is recommended to enable JavaScripting and Cookies to resolve browser issues and try logging in to AOL mail.

Fix 6 – Add AOL to Firewall Allow-List

In some rare cases, the firewall you are using can block AOL URL from accessing. In such a scenario, simply add the AOL URL to the firewall allow list and then try to login. It is also recommended to disable pop-up blocking applications to enable accessing the pages related to AOL.

Fix 7 – Check Network Connectivity

Despite having no or poor network, the cache stored on your web browser may take you to sign-in page but when you’re trying to login, the error would appear. Ensure that your device is connected to internet that has good connectivity before logging in.

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Unable to Connect to the Server problem When Logging in to AOL Mail.

When a user logs in to AOL Mail using Email and getting problem, the message "Couldn't connect to server" is displayed.

  • Switch between the mobile data and Wi-Fi networks and try again.
  • Reset the APN.
  • Check the email settings.

Reset or Change your AOL Mail Login Password

You can access every service of AOL by your password. If you want to change or reset forgotten password, you can easily change login password of AOL mail. After change you can create unique password and update regularly

Reset your AOL Mail Forgotten Login Password

  • You need to open the Sign-in Helper page
  • Enter your AOL mail account recovery option such as email address or phone number, recovery email or recovery phone
  • And then click on continue button
  • Now you should follow up the steps of the Sign-in Helper

Change the AOL Mail Login Password

  • Open the AOL mail login page
  • Click on the change password option
  • Enter a unique password
  • After fill the new password click on continue button

Still if you are unable to access your account of AOL mail then you need to open official AOL mail website and connect with team to solve AOL login problem

How to Login / Sign-In to AOL Mail Account?

The application enables the users to access their AOL Mail through different secure login options on their PCs as well as mobiles using Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. Let us have a detailed look into the different ways how you can login to your AOL Mail. Users of AOL Mail can login through the web browser on PCs of Windows or MAC OS as well as on mobile phones through Android App or iOS App.

Login to AOL Mail Using Web Browser

The following steps to securely login to AOL mail are applicable for systems using either Windows or MAC OS. The same procedure can be used for logging through a web browser installed on a mobile phone.

  • Ensure that your system, either Windows or MAC, is installed with the latest version of a trusted web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Open your web browser and navigate to the web address -
  • Alternatively, you can visit and click on the "Login/Join" option displayed on the top-right corner of the website.
  • On your right-hand side of the displayed login page, you can locate a field asking for your username/email/mobile number. Enter the credential with which you have registered your AOL account. If you plan to use the same web browser on the same system regularly, check the option "Stay signed in" option and click the "Next" button.
  • Enter the password with which you have registered AOL Mail and click on "Sign In"

Login to AOL Mail Using Anroid App

  • Ensure that your android device is installed with the latest update as the AOL Mail App might not work properly with older or obsolete versions.
  • Tap on the "Play Store" app on your mobile phone and search for the "AOL" App. Make sure that you are installing the official app of AOL and not some third-party app. It can be identified with the following title: "AOL - News, Mail & Video" by AOL Inc.
  • Install the app and tap on Open.
  • Tap on the top-left-hand corner of the app which displays the option "Manage Accounts". Tap the option to enter the Sign In page.
  • Enter the username/Email/mobile number with which you have registered AOL Mail and tap "Next"
  • Now, enter the password and click on "Sign In". You have now logged into your AOL account. You can access your mail inbox that can be found on the bottom-left corner of your app.

Login to AOL Mail Using iOS App

  • Ensure that your iPhone is installed with the latest iOS version for your app to work properly.
  • Tap on "App Store" on your iPhone and search for "AOL" App. Identify and install the official AOL App as mentioned above.

Sign in to your AOL account and access your mail/inbox using the same steps from 3 to 6 as mentioned above as the process for logging in is similar for both Android and iOS apps.