Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue

Here is the step by step solution to fix Canon printer offline issue

Canon printer offline

Why is My Canon Printer Showing Offline? – Fix and Resolve

Printing any document is not an easy job as it seems because your printer may create different issues while doing this task. Canon is the most renowned brand among various available printers today which provides a high-quality printing experience. Problems make you bothered and sometimes create very critical problems. The printer error can appear in Canon printer as well, because just like any other they are also a machine and sometimes the user can run into an error with their Canon printer. Now the issue of printer being show offline can appear and now the user has to remove the error. in today’s time printer has become one of the reliable machines and in case the user runs into the error their work will suffer. Printer are used in school, offices and hospitals where the user has to print the bulk pages and when the printer shows the error the work gets suffered. Now for the user it is important that they get to know the error first then only the user will be able to get rid of their offline status. To help the user we are mentioning few of the common errors because of which the user’s Canon printer can be showing the offline status. Read the below solutioin to fix Canon printer offline issues.

Why Your Canon Printer Shows Offline?

Most of the printer manufacturer companies are in the market today providing different types of such devices to the market for different purposes. These devices work according to the needs of the customers. Incorrect setup and overuse of such devices initiate different errors. Sometimes issues may be minor but sometimes these issues become critical and need to be resolved only by Canon official team. The problems faced by a user are low link level, offline issue, low-quality printing, and hardware issues, printing at low speed, paper jam etc.

Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue in Windows

Indeed, printing doesn't ever go smoothly due to the different problems faced by the device. Whenever, you see the offline print message in place of starting initiating the print process when you give the print command that says your printing device is in trouble. This issue is very common but, can be resolved easily with the help of professional canon printer offline service providers. Whenever you face this issue in Windows OS you should be aware of the reasons for these problems are LAN connection issue, loose wire connection, device compatibility and others.

1. Canon Printer and its' Connection

Connection is the most important thing while printing a command from the printer if the connection is not proper then the command will not be received by the printer and it will not complete the command. Now when the user is setting up their printer initially, they have to make sure that they are connecting the printer correctly with their device. Because from the device the user will give the print command and if the connection between the two devices is not proper then in that case the user’s printer will be shown as offline. So, for the user it is important that they connect their device and their printer correctly otherwise the user will keep on facing the printer offline error.

2. Canon Printer Driver are Not there-

Printer drivers are the most essential thing for the printer as they help the user’s device to detect any of the attached printer. When the user is setting up the printer into their device the user has to make sure that their device has printer driver available otherwise the device will not be able to detect the user’s printer and it will keep on showing the offline status. In case the user device has printer driver but they are of some other company it will not work the user needs to download the Canon printer driver into their device. The device of the user will work with their printer only when the user has installed the printer driver and if the user’s device have the printer driver but it is still not able to detect the printer then in that case the user needs to go on official website of Canon printer and from their the user needs to download the printer driver.

3. Printer Not Set As Default-

When the user is using more than one printer on their device and they do not select any of the printer as their default printer in that case the command given by the user can go on any of the printer and thus the user’s canon printer can be shown as offline. So, if the user is using more than one printer on their device then it is important for the user that they select Canon printer as the default printer on their device.

Fix Canon Printer Offline Issue in Mac OS

iOS devices have different configurations and compatibility conditions while connecting with other external devices. The Canon printer offline issues can also occur with iOS devices. The reason for these error messages is such as Device compatibilit, OS compatibility, toner or ink cartridge, firewall problem, USB slot and others. But, what is the best solution to fix these problems? Most of the people always prefer to contact with Canon professional printer team to resolve these problems. They always put together the best solutions for you which are effective and easy to implement.

Canon Offline Status on Android Mobile

1. Canon Printer and Mobile on Same WIFI-

Canon printer has launched many wireless printers and if the user is using one of the wireless printer or they are looking to buy one of the Wireless printer, then the user needs to keep this thing into their mind that at the time of giving the print command from their mobile the printer and the mobile needs to be connected to the same network. If the user’s mobile and Canon printer are not on the same network then in that case the print command given by the user will not be completed and before that the printer will be shown as offline.

2. Range of Network-

One of the advantages of using wireless printer is that the user does not have to physically available on the printer they can give the print command from any corner of their home or office. But the user needs to remember the range of their printer and their mobile if the user is sitting afar from their printer then in that case their mobile will show the printer status as offline and the user needs to come into their range of their printer in order to give the command.