Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue

Brother printer offline

How to Fix Brother Printer Offline Error Issue?

Brother printers are well-known for their sturdiness and efficient printing options for the users at affordable cost. Users might come across some hurdles such as the printer offline issue but in most cases, the problem wouldn't be because of a malfunctioning printer and it can be solved by using simplest of tips. Let us first look into some of the common causes that would lead to Brother Printer Offline issue in both Windows and MAC OS.

Causes for Brother Printer Offline Issue

One of the common mistakes we are guilty of committing that can cause the printer offline issue is not connecting the printer to electrical power socket properly or at all. Hence, make sure that it's not the power supply issue by verifying whether the LED light of your printer is blinking before looking into other probable causes that can lead to this problem.

  • Printer might not be connected to the PC or the network properly
  • Brother printer might be set as the default printer
  • Printer might have been set to using offline mode
  • The current print jobs might be jammed or hung and they need resetting
  • The drivers installed might be old or obsolete
  • Multiple copies of the same printer might have been created in your system

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Offline Issue

Fix 1 - Check the Printer's Connectivity

You have to check the printer's connectivity to both the PC as well as the Wi-Fi it is working on if it's a wireless connection.

  • Confirem that the cable of USB is connected from your device to the printer properly and it is in working condition. If not, replace the cable with a new one.
  • Also, check the connectivity of your Wi-Fi network and the speed it is offering. Slow connections can also stop your printer from working properly. Make sure that the device is connected with a good speed internet.

Fix 2 - Make Brother Printer Default

You might have some other printer that you are not currently using listed as default printer. In that case, you should set your Brother Printer as default to fix Brother printer offline issue.

  • Navigate to 'Devices and Printers' option in the Start Menu and right click on the 'Brother Printer' that is shown in the list of devices.

Fix 3 - Turn Off the 'Offline Mode'

  • Navigate to 'Brother Printer' listed in the 'Devices and Printers' option as mentioned above.
  • Right click on the printer and click on 'See What's Printing' option.
  • In the 'Printer' tab, ensure that the option 'Use Printer Offline' is turned off.

Fix 4 - Reset the Print Job

  • Go to Brother Printer listed in the 'Devices and Printers' option like before and right click on the printer’s name.
  • Click on 'See What's Printing' option and click on 'Cancel All Documents' option in the list. In case of MAC OS, reset the printing system in the 'Printers and Scanners' Menu and add the printer again to the system.

Fix 5 - Update the Drivers & Software

Make sure that the drivers that are installed on your system are of the latest versions. If not, visit the official website of Brother Printer and download the fresh versions of the driver belonging to your printer model. Install the drivers and check that your Brother printer is wrunnig good.

Fix 6 - Solve the Duplicate Issue in Windows OS

If you have connected your printer to different USB ports at different times or installed its drivers multiple times, the Devices and Printers menu in your system might be showing multiple copies or duplicates of the same printer. In that list, only one among them is the one you plan to use and you'll have to find out which one that is.

  • Go to Devices and Printers where the list of printers is displayed
  • Hover the cursor on to each of those printer names and see which one displays the status to print as "Ready"
  • Select that printer which shows Ready and set that very printer as Default if you want to use the same device, and USB port to which it is connected to in the future as well.

In case if your Brother printer showing offline error so now you should connect with Brother printer official team and take help to fix Brother printer offline problem