Guide to Activate your Webroot Safe Key Code

Activate Webroot Safe Key Code -

Webroot Antivirus is the most popular and reliable program which protects our PC and mobile devices from harmful elements. User needs to activate the antivirus because if the user doesn't activate it then the antivirus will not work. For activating an antivirus users need to have an activation key. Users can find this key when they buy the antivirus. But in case when the user is using a free or complimentary version of antivirus, then he doesn't require an activation key. In order to get activation code, the user has to login his Webroot account. After that he can buy the antivirus which enables the user to get activation code. After getting activation code the user can activate the Webroot antivirus in windows by following the steps mentioned below.

How to Buy and Find your Webroot Product keycode?

To buy activation code users will reach the official website of Webroot antivirus. Here they will need to login to their antivirus account. If in case of a new user, he needs to create an account first on Webroot antivirus website. Read here guide to Webroot login Now users can see the plans with different prices. Users can choose one of them and pay for that plan. After making payment the user will receive an email containing activation code of a Webroot antivirus.

Guide for New Users to Activate Webroot at

If you are a new users for Webroot safe, bellow we are discussing to activate new Webroot safe keycode at You can find your activation key code on back side of the retail card or in your mail

Steps for Download, Install and Activate New Webroot Safe Product Key code

  • Type in the search bar or go to the official website in the address bar of the web browser
  • Please enter your email id and product key code
  • Click on next button
  • Now click on Download Now button
  • Enter your product key code for installation
  • Now click on Agree and Install
  • Now your product installing after download
  • After installation Webroot secure anywhere my account window will be open

Guide for Existing Users to Activate Webroot Safe Keycode

Steps to Activate Webroot Keycode for Windows 10 Users?

Here we are explaining how users of window 10 can activate Webroot security programs. Windows 10 users may be inspired (prompted) by the Microsoft operating system to renew or install the antivirus program.

  • In that case users will choose by clicking either the renew or uninstall option. User will exit the page that opens.
  • User will open his Webroot program and click the gear icon next to my account.
  • Now the user needs to enter his keycode for the Activate in the new keycode field.
  • User has to click on Activate.
  • If the scan begins automatically the user will allow it to complete. keycode will be shown under my account section after activate

Read more about the renew Webroot subscription

Steps to activate Webroot Safe Keycode for Non Windows 10 Users?

  • User has to click on "MY Account" from Webroot secure anywhere.
  • Now users can click on the right-hand side on the screen.
  • Users will see the heading of "Activate a new Activation code" Here enter your activation code first and then click on the "Activation" button.
  • The activation code can be seen on the dashboard of the user's Webroot Antivirus Account if the user pays for it.

Steps to Activate Webroot Safe Keycoed for Mac Users

Now the user needs to learn the steps to activate Webroot antivirus on Mac.

  • First of all, the user has to reach Webroot antivirus software into the MacBook.
  • Click on My account on the main window of Webroot antivirus.
  • Now the user will access the new window where he has to click on "Activate a new Activation code".
  • Here the user needs to enter his activation key and press the Activate button.
  • After pressing the Activation key, the user needs to click on the Webroot antivirus icon.
  • Now the user needs to go on the properties using the dashboard. Here the user can check the active status of his Webroot antivirus.
  • If status is not active, then the user needs to change his registration as fast as possible.
  • For this activation code will be entered once again.
  • After entering the code again, wait for a while. Once waiting is over, users can restart their device.

Activate Webroot Safe Antivirus on Android Device.

Now we are going to talk about How to activate Webroot Safe Antivirus on an Android device.

  • First of all, the user needs to go to google play store and install Webroot mobile security.
  • Here the user needs to click on 'open'.
  • When a user clicks open, a screen will open in front of him. In the upper right-hand corner, the user can see 3 dots. Click on these dots.
  • Another screen will be open with General setting/ Change password/ about/ Uninstall. On the left side of the screen click on the 'Register'.
  • Here the user needs to enter his email address and 20-digit keycode.
  • They will automatically insert. And wait for activation.

If a user finds an error message while activating a new keycode be sure that user has entered the correct keycode. The digits like I /l, o/0, s/5 are often wrongly entered when type the code manually.

How to fix Activate product key error?

Answer: Sometimes users face product key errors and it is very easy to resolve it also, some of the methods for fixing this error are here below:

  • Invalid Product Code:

    This may appear due to entering the wrong key, just check the activation key and try to re-enter it and then proceed.

  • The Key might be already in use:

    This may come into view whenever the copied key is already used on another computer. In this case, you have to purchase a new key and then try to enter the newly purchased key and go with the activation process again.

  • The store did not activate the purchased card:

    Sometimes the product manager forgot to activate your card, just contact the store and ask them to activate it and after successful activation of the card, go for the final antivirus activation process.

  • CD Activation Error:

    CD activation is an old process and it resists the activation of the product, just put the disk in the Drive and open it for executing the installation process and finally go with the activation process.