Solution to fix printer offline error message

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Printer is Showing "Offline" Message, How to Fix it?

Today we are living in an age where technology is significant. Yes, we have turned out to be very much developed in terms of technology that it is totally impossible to live a day without it. Among the devices we utilize, printers are additionally counted. Printers, in fact, are widely used in almost every phase of our work life in offices and personal use as well across the world. Many times printers go offline between our works because of excessive use of it. In such cases, Need read the bellow step by step solution to fix printer offline problem occurred in wireless, windows and Mac OS.
Printer showing offline status is not a new error lots of user suffer with this error, when the printer offline error appears in front of the user the user will not be able to print any of their command from their printer. When the user’s device shows the printer is offline there can be number of reasons due to which the error is being shown to the user. The reason of printer being shown as offline can differ from the error to error, there are some small errors from the user’s part and their big error in which user cannot do anything. For example- if the user has not turned on their printer, then their device will show the printer as offline and it is small error which the user can solve on their own. But if any of the part of the printer gets damaged then in that case the user cannot solve the error on their own and the user will have to take the help from helpdesk of the printer they are using and they will provide a technician to the user who will help the user in removing their printer error. But for the user problem rises when they are not able to print any of their command with their printer because the of the error shown by their device.

Printer Offline Repair

All printers companies are able to make a wide boundary of high-resolution printouts. As these devices work widely to give you the best results, it may happen that they get down anytime as printer offline or any issues of printer while you are working. Overuse of the printers or incorrect setup of the same could result in harms that cannot be saved by someone not having any experience and significant knowledge on the same. Sometimes it is required to configure it again in order to bring it back for normal functioning. In case if the problem is not getting resolved and shows printer offline again then you must connect with local experts to printer offline repair instantly.

Instant Fix Printer Offline Problems

If you are dealing with the printer offline issue, this detailed manual will give you detailed information on how to fix the printer offline issue. A number of things can go wrong during the printing process and may results into the offline error. So to resolve the error, you have to follow a simple and realible step to first pin-point the reason that is causing the problems and then take the necessary steps to fix it.

Initial checks to fix the printer offline issue

  • Check whether you have connected the printer to the power supply. Also, check that power cable is not loose.
  • Make sure that there is an optimal USB or Wi-Fi connection and that the router is switched on. The Wi-Fi button must be switched on the PC as well.
  • Printer nowadays support sleep mode. Check if the printer is in sleep mode or not.
  • Check for any paper jam issue. It can cause the printer to automatically switch to offline mode.
  • an empty ink cartridges or empty toner cartridges can also cause the printer offline issue.
  • If you find the cause for the offline issue in the initial checks then you can proceed to rectify it.

USB connection is causing the offline error

  • Make sure your printer in plugged in to power supply and switched on.
  • If there is a problem with the USB connection, an error message in the task bar can also show up on your computer.
  • Remove the USB cable from the port and then reconnect it. If you have more than one USB ports on your computer then try the other port
  • Restart the printer as well as your laptop or computer.

Wireless connection is causing the printer offline error

Make sure that the LED indicating the WLAN on the router is glowing, your printer is switched on and the computer is also connected to the WLAN network. The printer and your computer must share the Wi-Fi network. If the printer is not connected to the same network as your computer, you will definitely have the offline error. If necessary, register your printer in your Wi-Fi network again.

Installed firewall can be behind the offline error

  • An enabled firewall may block your device and show the printer as offline.
  • It is possible that your firewall, which is supposed to protect you from threats, considers the printer to be the same and prevent it to establish a connection with the computer.
  • So make sure that you add your printer to the network properly so that it is not classified as threat and you face the printer offline error. Add the printer in the trusted devices in the firewall.

Check windows settings for the error

  • Go to the Control Panel via the "Start button" or the Windows symbol and select "Devices and Printers".
  • With a right click on your printer you can display the settings.
  • In the settings choose, what's printing.
  • Cancel any print job in the queue.
  • Right click on the printer again, and select the Set as default printer option.
  • In the device and printer window right click the printer icon again.
  • Click on what's printing and then on printer.
  • Here in the drop down menu you will see two option, pause printing and use printer offline. If' you see a tick mark on any of these two options click on them to remove the tick mark.

Check print spooler service status and restart it

If the print spooler service is not working or paused, the printer will show the offline error message.
In this case restarting the print spooler service might resolve the issue:

  • Open the run dialog box. You can do so via start menu or pressing the Windows and R key together.
  • In the search box enter services.msc and press OK.
  • This will open the services window. Press the P key, this will help you locate spooler service of printer.
  • Right-click on it and then select restart.
  • This will restart the print spooler service

Check MAC settings for the printer's error

  • Click on the apple icon and then choose System Preferences.
  • Select the printer and scanner option.
  • In the following printer window right click anywhere and then select Reset Printing System.
  • Click on reset when asked to confirm.